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so hey, it's been awhile [29 Aug 2006|03:36pm]
[ mood | busy ]

yeah, it's definitely been a really long time since i updated. but oh well. i actually just got internet and cable installed in my apt yesterday, so YAY! lol, i've been far too long without constant access to the facebook, etc. lol, jk. anyways, i'm in my second week of law school at georgia state, and i absolutely love it. i mean, yeah, it's a lot of reading, but the classes are so awesome, and all my professors are so smart, and some are really funny, and cute, etc. and i have made some really, really awesome friends (and we're all going bowling thursday night, which i'm excited about). so things are going really well!

i love living ten minutes away from my tim, it's so nice, i can't even explain it. lol, for the people who have always lived near their significant others, you're lucky, but i'm still reveling (sp?) in how amazing it is. sweet. so anyways, if i haven't talked to you in awhile and you read this, shoot me and e-mail, or call me, or IM me i'd love to hear from you! love you all!


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GRRR!!! [30 May 2006|09:32am]
[ mood | frustrated ]

kaiser permanente sucks. so for law school, i can't register until georgia state recieves a copy of a form they sent me that would need to be filled out by a physician (it's my immunization history form). i no longer go to kaiser since my dad got a new healthcare plan 3 years ago, but i had all my immunizations done through them. so they have my medical records. and the stupid assholes won't release them until i go fill out some stupid forms, and then it will take another 5-10 days till i get them, and then i have to take my records to my current "healthcare provider" and then i will (hopefully) finally get my form filled out. i am not happy. i mean, why can't they just pull my records, get a doctor (any doctor) to look them over and check the bozes on my form? that wouldn't be difficult. but this is going to be. GRRR!!! stupid doctors. wish me luck with this whole stupid process!


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wow. [08 Mar 2006|11:12am]
[ mood | sick ]

so it's been an odd couple of days. i had a great weekend with tim, we went to dinner friday night with his family and had a great time (his dad is a riot). then on saturday we ran errands all day then had dinner with two couples who are good friends of ours at this great vietnamese restaurant then got drinks afterwards, and sunday we relaxed and enjoyed the day. sunday night i drove back to athens as usual, and then began to mentally prepare myself for a midterm i had tuesday. nothing out of the ordinary at all, right?

i had difficulty sleeping sunday night because i had stomach pains and bad gas, but i figured it would be gone by morning. i woke up monday morning feeling like shit and decided to skip class. it was a good thing i did because stomach pains turned to nausea and nausea led to me throwing up all day. yeah. i called the university health center (because i was in no condition to leave my apartment) and told them my symptoms and they told me i most likely had a stomach virus that was going around. they told me just to drink a lot of fluids (water and gatorade), and if i wasn't feeling better in a few days to go see them. well, today's wednesday and it's the first day i'm even close to feeling something even remotely resembling "ok". i think i still have a slight fever and i'm weak and devoid of energy, but i'm not longer puking and i can keep food (namely saltine crackers) down. so that's how my week has gone.

i missed my tuesday midterm, but i'm going to make it up later this week which is good. other than that, my life is pretty much just hanging out, waiting to hear from law schools, and doing my school work. oh, and seeing my tim on weekends, lol. so anyways, that's what's going on with me, next week is spring break, woo hoo! i can't wait to take a week off, believe me, i need it.

love to all!

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sucks [06 Feb 2006|03:25pm]
[ mood | irritated ]

yup, today has sucked so far, lol. the superbowl last night was ok (other than the fact that the seahawks lost - my washington family is not pleased), other than the fact that tim decided to be a dumbass and get way too drunk. so drunk that i had to stay with him last night and make sure he was ok and drive back today. the big problem there was the fact that it was sleeting/raining extremely hard and i only have one windshielf wiper that functions properly. and i can't use it on a setting, b/c the other one spazzes (sp) out and get jammed in the other one. so i couldn't see shit driving back to athens, so it took me about 2 hours. also, b/c my AC compressor died a few weeks ago, i have no defroster. so in order to keep my windshield from fogging up (and thus making it even more difficult for me to see the road), i had to keep my windows partially unrolled... making it about 35-40 degrees in my car. needless to say, the drive was not pleasant, and i can't wait to get a new car - one where shit actually works.

and then, of course, i had to come back and finish up my online german homework that's due by 5:30 today (done with that, thank god. only took an hour, lol). then i have to finish up a book about colombia's political system to write a book report tomorrow and study for the two tests i have tomorrow. yeah, lemme tell ya, i'm in a super mood.

well, i need to get my ass in gear, so i hope everyone is doing well, *mwah*


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blah [31 Jan 2006|08:47am]
[ mood | blah ]

yup, that's exactly how i feel. blah. this semester is so lame, and we're only about 4 weeks into it. lol, shit. it's just the fact that i'm taking electives only (like intro to german, and intro to anthropology). none of my classes are particularly interesting or fun, so i'm having to seriously fight the urge to slack, lol. but, anyways, this is my last semester at UGA, so i might as well enjoy it while it lasts, i suppose.

aside from school, the year has been great so far. brian mahoney and i have been hanging out at least twice a week now, and we always have a good time, lol. i've also been running into a lot of people i haven't seen in forever (yesterday at ramsey i ran into two people who lived on my hall freshman year and i haven't seen since then. random, i know).

and i'm finally trying to get back into the ramsey routine i had going freshman year. so far i'm a week plus monday good of going. so hopefully i won't peter out like i have so many times, lol.

and hey, superbowl XL this weekend. i guess i'm supposed to root for the seahawks (b/c my family lives in WA), but we'll see. lol, honestly, i could care less who wins, but i'm excited about watching the game, it should be really good.

so yeah, not too much is going on with me, just kind of hanging out till the semester ends (another 11 weeks... damn, lol). but to anyone who is still reading the crap on my journal, i hope you're doing well, and buh bye for now!


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woo hoo! [04 Jan 2006|02:11pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

i don't really have anything to say, i just figured it'd be good to have an entry on my birthday, lol. so happy 21st birthday to me!!!

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happy new year! [02 Jan 2006|02:31pm]
[ mood | excited ]

wow, i can't believe it's already 2006 (cliche, i know). last year went by really quickly, and even more outrageous is the fact that i'm graduating from UGA this year. craziness!

anyways, i came back from WA on friday, and had a nice, relaxing, drunk new year's and today tim and i are going to the SUGAR BOWL!!! YAY!!! i'm sooooo excited, and pretty nervous, so we'll see what happens.

the semester starts a week from today (yippee... yeah), but it'll be my last, so i'm not too disheartened by the idea of starting school again.

anyways, i don't really have anything to say, i didn't do shit in washington (in fact, i think i changed out of my pajamas a grand total of about 6 times in the two weeks i was there, lol), but my 21st birthday is on wednesday!!! YAY!

sorry this entry sucked (for the few of you who still read this, lol), but i'll have more to say once school starts.


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whew. [19 Dec 2005|08:55pm]
[ mood | (the good kind of lazy, lol) ]

so that hellish semester is finally over, and i'm here in washington again for chrstmas break, relaxing, eating, and doing a whole lot of nothing (just the way i like it, lol). it's freezing here, and actually snowed a little bit yesterday... which was thrilling (obviously, lol). however, being the super lame person i am, i miss my tim like crazy already and i'll be here in WA till the 30th. oh well.

tim called me up today and told me he'd gotten my birthday gift today (i turn 21 on january 4th), and that he wanted to tell me what it ws so i'd get excited about it now. and damn was he right. he got us both tickets to the sugar bowl on january 2!!! obviously UGA is playing (we're matching up with west virginia), and i am honestly so excited about it, i can't stand it!!!!

so that's exciting. i really don't have anything else interesting to say here, really. final's are over, and so is the semester, and i plan on doing jack shit while i'm here in washington, lol. just goofing around, watching movies and boozing it (lol) with my mom and feesh. so to all of you, happy holidays and i'll talk to you soon!


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oops [30 Nov 2005|08:21am]
[ mood | busy ]

wow, it's definitely been awhile since i last updated... anyways, i don't have much to say here (i'm way too busy lately, lol). but all i have to say is 5-0. yup, 5-0 under mark richt. holla.


p.s. if you didn't watch the UGA/GT game, i feel sorry for you. it was a fucking great game.

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holla [19 Oct 2005|02:39pm]
[ mood | complacent ]

well, there's not really much to say on my end. after midterm week, school has been relatively laid back. and i did well on all my midterms, which really helps. it's an absolutely gorgeous day outside. it's been beautiful the past week or so... *sigh* i love fall in the south. little humidity, nice breezes, still warm... mmm. but hey, what i love even more is the fact that i'm going to jacksonville with tim for the georgia/florida game!!!!

that's right boys and girls, it's that time again, for the historic and high anticipated match up between the goergia bulldogs and the florida gators in jacksonville. woo hoo!!! and of course, there's UGA's fall break. it's easy to see why we were ranked 12th nationally as a party school when you consider the fact that the university gives us the thursday and friday before GA/FL off to increase the party time. yeah, i'm not joking, lol. we're going to stay at tim's family's condo in palm coast (just south of jacksonville) with four other couples, so it should be a fun time. holla.

well, that's really about it. it's UGA's homecoming this weekend, and we're playing arkansas. which shouldn't be a tough game, but our d-line is looking pretty thin, b/c three of our staple guys are injured (gerald anderson, kedric golston, and tony taylor). but oh well, i totally agree with richt's decision to sit them out for the arkansas game and save them for florida. for all of my out of state, non-UGA friends, the georgia/florida game is going to be nationally broadcast on october 29. so watch!!!


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glory, glory to ole georgia! [09 Oct 2005|02:04pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

i hope that everyone watched the georgia/tennessee game yesterday. i mean, god damn, we looked fucking awesome. we beat a #8 ranked team, and looked great doing it. not perfect of course, there was shockley's INT and then his fumble (which was then, thankfully, countered by a UT turnover), but other than that, our defense looked SICK (tennessee's running game was almost non-existent, and there was demario minter's INT in the endzone), and how about our o-line? everyone on espn gameday and CBS went on and on about how tennessee had the best front four on defense in the country (tim said so too, lol), and our o-line held them often enough to give shockley plenty of time to throw in the pocket. and our offense was able to execute, richt finally opened up on play calling... i mean, i'm just so happy with the way we played yesterday, it's ridiculous. holla.

and to make everything so much better, tech lost to NC state last thursday. we beat a top ten ranked team, and tech lost to an unranked, penalty ridden team. again, holla.

unfortunately, it's sunday (boo), which means i have to go back to athens. which, granted, i don't mind, it's the fact that i have to leave tim (*tear*). after doing the distance thing all of last year, i'm so sick of this. it sucks so badly. not, that i would ever break up with tim, i'm just venting about the unfortunate parts of a distance relationship. however, i am graduating in may, so i only have to wait till then. sweet.

anyways, i hope everyone is doing well, and i miss you all!


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and to hell with georgia tech! [07 Oct 2005|01:36pm]
[ mood | relieved ]

so let's hear it for the wolfpack of NC state! do i like NC state? not at all... except when they beat tech, lol. that #24 ranking will be gone after this weekend. sweet. go wolfpack, tech sucks. holla.

as tim has been fond of saying, calvin johnson must be the loneliest man at GT. and i believe him.

so my week of hell is finally over, as i took my last midterm this morning. it was in my "political philosophy up to machiavelli," and it had 5 IDs and one big essay. and a philosophy essay isn't bad - as long as you get the ideas of the right philosopher (socrate, plato, eripides, etc) correct, the rest is all bullshit. lol, which, needless to say, i had no trouble with. i filled up more than half of my damn blue book arguing about why plato's ideas about how the soul functions were more persuasive than socrates'. good times.

so anyways, i'm here in atlanta for the weekend, spending time with my beloved tim. but the UGA/UT game is still looming over my head, and it still makes me want to pee in my pants. AHHH! since florida's team is beleagured with injuries and their o-line has looked so sloppy lately, this game tomorrow will decide the SEC east. tennesee and georgia are the two powers in the east (since florida looks like shit), and whoever wins tomorrow will win the east. so again... AHHHHH!

hope everyone is doing well, and i'm sorry i still don't have a phone. *mwah*


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well, i take it back, lol [04 Oct 2005|02:19pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

turns out stress was more than the LSAT... it was the LSAT saturday morning, following by a paper due monday in con. law as part of my midterm, a midterm exam in con. law, and then a paper (worth a midterm grade) due in my shakespeare class on tuesday coupled with a midterm in my other con. law class. i am so brain dead right now, i could barely read lines in shax class today. however, i am done with it all... except for my pol.phil. exam on friday... which should be ridiculously difficult. this year of college has been ridiculous so far. but, junior year of high school was ridiculous too so i guess that's just the way it works, lol.

anyways, the LSAT is over, thank god. everyone keeps asking me how it was, and there's really not much to say about it. it's hard to tell how you think you did, b/c it's a logic based exam and there are several nice looking answers for each question. i could have dominated it, or bombed it, lol. so i really won't know how i did until i get my score back. and as for "how the test was"? it was long, boring, draining, and grueling. yeah, lol.

so yeah, my life right now is school, school, and more school. fuck school. i was talking to my sister feesh the other night (she just started at the university of washington last wednesday), and i asked her how college was. she was like "i love it, college is awesome!" lol, to which i wittily replied "no it isn't, college fucking sucks!" ah, LSAT and midterm week... lol

but schoolwork and tests haven't been the only source of my stress this week. georgia (#5 in the AP poll takes on #8 ranked tennessee in neyland stadium, knoxville. i mean, holy shit. this is quite easily the biggest, toughest, most important game georgia will play in the regular season (esp. after seeing florida die against bama). so needless to say, thinking about the game this weekend is only serving to make m more nervous and stressed out. sweet.

well, that's really all i have to say for now, my life isn't too interesting. tim and i are great, but tima nd i are always great, lol. i love that man to death. *ciao!*


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AHHHH!!! [29 Sep 2005|11:00am]
[ mood | stressed ]

stress is now a four letter word: L-S-A-T. sure, i've been studying since june. sure, i can think logically, and do reading comp like a champ. does that make me any less nervous? hell no. it's gotten to the point where i'm seeing logic games questions in my sleep. but i'm still in a constant about-to-pee-my-pants state. the fact that the test is oh, about six hours long doesn't really help. and this one little (well not really little) exam determines where i can get into law school. fabulous.

so yeah, my life right now is LSAT, but thankfully, i'll be done on saturday. however, midterm week is next week. so i go from one stressor for four others. that's right boys and girls, four midterms next week.
*monday: pols 4710H midterm (con law:civil liberties)
*tuesday: take home midterm in shakespeare I (engl 4320) is due; pols 4700H midterm (con law: powers)
*friday: pols 4010 midterm

so until next friday, my life is going to be consumed by the living hell that is school. now granted, i have A's in all my classes so far, but the midterms are all pretty heavily weighted. so i can't fuck up on any of them. AHHH! so hey, who's up for getting really wasted next friday?

ehh, i suppose my life isn't all that awful, lol. things with tim have been wonderful. since we hit the year mark in august, everything's been spectacular. the bulldawgs are undefeated so far (though the fact that we play tennessee on oct. 8 makes me want to pee my pants all over again), and the falcons are looking great. so things could be worse, lol.

anyways, i guess that's all i really have to say... to those of you who i haven't talked to in awhile, i promise i will get my life back after next week! (i love you laura!!!! good luck!)


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so. [15 Sep 2005|12:46pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

so once again, another update from campus. holla.

so anyways, not much else is new, just going to class, enjoying football season (though last weekend's game almost gave me a heart attack... and let's not talk about tim during that game, lol), following the roberts nomination shit... you know, good times.

i went out w/ krissy, missy, and sarah for the first time in a while, and we had a great time. beer and dinner at transmetropolitan downtown (afterwards, we hid krissy's leftovers in a bush b/c she didn't want to carry them around... we meant to go back for them but got too drunk and forgot. looks like we made some bum's night, lol), then to roadhouse at 7 for happy hour, then to barcode at 9 where krissy's b/f chris was bartending. good, good times, i love those girls.

again, nothing too exciting happening with me, i'm just trying to get by... and i take the LSAT two weeks from saturday. sweet mother of god. lol, yeah, i'm just a little scared.

that's all for now, *mwah*

p.s. i will be unreachable by phone indefinitely, so send me an e-mail (rileys@uga.edu) or a facebook message until then.

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so hey [07 Sep 2005|07:30pm]
[ mood | complacent ]

so yeah, it's been awhile, lol. and no, it's not b/c i tired of livejournal again or anything, it's just that sarah and i have been too lazy and too poor to get cable/internet. so for me to get on a computer, that requires me staying on campus longer than i have to... which is usually a big no, lol.

so anyways, it's football season!!!!! YES!!!! and even better, UGA blew boise state out of the fucking water last saturday (48-13), and we jumped 4 places in the polls (from #13 up to #9, holla!). we play spurrier's gamecocks this saturday, and i can't wait! i won't say anymore for fear of jinxing something, lol.

so yeah... class has started, blah, blah, blah, all that jazz. and i take the LSAT on october 1. AHHH!!! and then i get to start applying to law school. sweet... riiiiiiiight, lol. anyways, i really don't have anything that interesting to say, just wanted to let people (and by people i mean the beautiful laura woltering, lol) know that i haven't died, lol.


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atlanta, again [11 Aug 2005|11:52am]
[ mood | calm ]

so once again, here i am updating from tim's place in atlanta, b/c yes, we still don't have internet at our apartment, lol. oh well. so anyways, class starts a week from today. and yes, i definitely just finished up with class so lemme tell ya, i'm thrilled.

i had dinner w/ sarah's parents on monday, at their house up at chateau elan. their house was beautiful, her parents are adorable (i love them), and her mom can make some damn good spaghetti. so that was an awesomely good time. then, since tim had just gotten back from his weekend at the beach that day, i then drove down 85 to go see him. and, 3 days later, i'm still here, lol. go figure. i'm leaving today though, b/c i have an appointment at the dematologist tomorrow at lik 8 in the morning. and yeah, i've never been to a dermatologist before, but i'm doing this at tim's request b/c he's worried about my skin. lol, i know, i know.

sarah's birthday is this saturday and her boyfriend bil (no, i did not misspell his name, he really only uses one "L") is planning this HUGE shindig. so huge that we have no idea what all will be going on. so naturally, i can't wait, lol. i love living with sarah and we've already had more crazy nights together so far than i had all of last year. pretty cool, huh.

so that's about it, i guess. didn't really have the urge to update, just figured i should. so there you go, brief update on my life and hopefully i'll be updating next time from my own computer!


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YAY! [02 Aug 2005|02:15pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

so yes, yesterday sarah and i moved into our new apartment. and it seriously is awesome. it's huge, and spacious, lots of windows so it's really light, and the rent is about half what i paid last year. so yeah, it's definitely pretty awesome. we've already begun to decorate it, and lemme tell ya, it's going to be beautiful... and by beautiful, i mean extremely random and fun, lol.

so anyways, i'm sitting in tim's place in atlanta right now. my wonderful boyfriend (or "love slave" as sarah's dad referred to him, lol) is being kind enough to drive up to athens tonight and bring my furniture and stuff and help me move it in. so that should be fun. i moved the last of my stuff out of campus lodge this morning, so now there's nothing left. it was kind of sad... but not really. just b/c my new apartment is so sweet, lol. so while it did make me incredibly nostalgic (but it doesn't take much to make me like that, lol), i'm definitely not crying over it. i've arranged for the power to be cancelled by tomorrow, so i am pretty sure i've got everything taken care of. woohoo!

so there really isn't much going on, other than moving and such. class is finally done tomorrow, i have both my finals then... haha, yeah, exciting i know. but i am thrilled to be done with class. summer school blew chunks out the ass. yeah, i know. gross, lol.

alright, just thought i'd give a quick update since i probably won't in the next few days, so to all of you reading this, good luck with your movings and such (since i know everyone will be doing so soon) and hope you're well!


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i move tomorrow!!! [31 Jul 2005|04:29pm]
[ mood | busy ]

oh my gosh, tonight is my last night here at campus lodge. i mean, i've been in here for a full year, since last august. but of course, it really doesn't feel that long (things really don't anymore, haha). so yeah, after today, i'll be living in cambridge apartments over on barnett shoals. eastside, holla.

yeah, i know, i'm so cool.

so i know i've said it a million times, but i really do have the greatest boyfriend in the whole world. as my last journal entries have indicated, reading 'paradise lost' was a huge experience for me. and i tried talking to tim about it a few times, but stopped b/c he hadn't read it and it's kind of a hard thing to describe, lol. so he calls me up last thursday night, and starts talking to me about the hell described in the book. turns out he'd spent the last few days reading the book so he could talk to me about it - b/c he knew how badly i wanted to, lol. and i'm sure most of you think that's lame, but i was seriously so touched by the fact that he did that. i don't get into roses, or chocolate, or candlelight dinners or other bullshit like that. but reading a book i loved just so i could talk to him about it??? i mean, to me, that's love.

so yeah, class is over on wednesday, and i can't fucking wait. i am so sick of summer school. my fall classes should be nice... at least, better than the shit i'm taking now (necessary, but bullshit classes). and i only have 2 semesters left, and then i graduate!!! i can't wait for that either. and then a summer of nothing much, some working, whatever, then law school in the fall! haha, i'm completely getting ahead of myself, i have 2 semesters, the LSAT, the application process, and lord only knows what else before graduation. but i'm sure i'll be sitting here, on my laptop writing in my journal at the end of the year echoing the same sentiment of "where the hell did the time go?" but, by then i'll have so many other things to look forward to. other than changing apartments and roommates (which is plenty exciting for now), this is just another year. the end of the next school year will be more the start of many newer and way more exciting things, lol.

aaaaaaaaand, now i'm babbling about bullshit. but i always get sentimental and nostalgic when major changes happen. so yay.

alright, i probably won't update for a few dyas b/c i'll be pre-occupied w/ class, finals, moving, getting set up, etc. До свидания!

*)' riley

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last weekend here [29 Jul 2005|12:33pm]
[ mood | peaceful ]

so yeah, it's exactly what the title says, this is my last weekend living in my apartment. i have kind of mixed feelings about it. on one hand, i cannot wait to get out of here. i'm so excited about living in cambridge w/ the one and only sarah mcdade. however, it's always kind of bittersweet to move (not to mention a pain in the ass). but y'all all understand the trials and tribulations of moving, so i won't go too deep into that.

i spent a good 4-5 hours packing last night, and all i really have left are my clothes and toiletries. which is exciting. well, tim is also bringing my furniture and shit up on tuesday night. i'm not really looking forward to moving, but i can't wait to be there.

i'm done with summer school next wednesday. holla.

so yeah, that's really about it, my life is being dominated by moving and packing right now, so i really don't have anything interesting to say. OH, just talked to krissy on the phone, and it was great!!! i hadn't talked to her in forever (she's been in europe for six weeks), and we're going out tonight!!! tim is coming in town, so i'm going to see if i can get him to come along... haha, fat chance.

i meeeeeeeeessssss my family!!!


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