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kaiser permanente sucks. so for law school, i can't register until georgia state recieves a copy of a form they sent me that would need to be filled out by a physician (it's my immunization history form). i no longer go to kaiser since my dad got a new healthcare plan 3 years ago, but i had all my immunizations done through them. so they have my medical records. and the stupid assholes won't release them until i go fill out some stupid forms, and then it will take another 5-10 days till i get them, and then i have to take my records to my current "healthcare provider" and then i will (hopefully) finally get my form filled out. i am not happy. i mean, why can't they just pull my records, get a doctor (any doctor) to look them over and check the bozes on my form? that wouldn't be difficult. but this is going to be. GRRR!!! stupid doctors. wish me luck with this whole stupid process!


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